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2021-11-24 03:53:13 By : Ms. Holly Zhang

– MOX will provide cutting-edge automation of physical fiber connections through Telecent

– MOX will deploy Telescent Network Topology Manager to remotely automate the fiber connection between customers in data center locations

El Segundo, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MOX Networks, LLC ("MOX"), a leading fiber optic network expert, today announced that it has partnered with the innovator of physical software-defined networking, Telescent, Inc. Collaboration (SDN) at the fiber physical layer to bring fiber layer automation to MOX's new Hillsborough to Portland fiber route. Telescent's 4th Generation Network Topology Manager (G4 NTM) is a remotely controlled reconfigurable fiber distribution frame and cross-connect that will implement physical layer automation and virtualization for MOX customers. With their patented robotics technology, it is possible to provide, test and deliver fiber connections between network equipment for customers at each end of MOX's new Pacific Northwest fiber optic line without the need for technicians to dispatch (near real-time). G4 NTM allows MOX to shorten service delivery intervals, support customers in real time, and automatically locate cable failures.

MOX will be launched as early as the fourth quarter of 2020, and we look forward to extending this leading configuration, testing and troubleshooting technology to customers in the Pacific Northwest. By leveraging Telescent's most advanced robotic cross-connections, MOX will bring new automation to customers as part of its ongoing commitment to provide the highest quality products, services, and customer experience.

"Telescent is providing MOX with NEBS Level 3 certified high-port count dynamic fiber optic cross-connects with diagnostic capabilities to monitor and automate fiber connections in real time. We are happy to add MOX to our growing mature and forward-thinking network In the operator portfolio, these operators recognize and accept new technologies that can improve the customer experience," said Telescent CEO Anthony Kewitsch.

"MOX has always been committed to providing the best fiber optic network services on the unique connection paths in North America and Japan. When we evaluate, invest and build new fiber optic lines, we cooperate with innovative companies to maximize the performance and performance along our network. Service is meaningful. The introduction of Telescent's NTM into the MOX network shows our continued commitment to creating a positive customer experience through product and service innovation while maintaining the highest level of customer service," added Justin Melnikoff, MOX President and COO.

MOX was established in 2013 and is privately owned by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, the founder of NantWorks, a health and technology company network. The purpose of creating MOX is to build a "network that integrates ultra-low power semiconductor technology, supercomputing, and secure advanced networks" and enhance intelligence To change our work, entertainment and lifestyle. "Under the leadership of Melnikoff, MOX has established and delivered unique high-capacity network infrastructure in North America and Japan.

MOX Networks ("MOX") is a leading optical network expert. We build capabilities to realize the infinite possibilities of new paths, connections and performance.

MOX responds to the increasingly complex needs of ultra-large-scale enterprises, wireless service providers, governments, municipalities, and public and private partners through exclusive custom design and deployment of unparalleled low-latency networks. Founded in 2013, MOX owns and operates unique light and dark fiber optic lines in North America and Asia. For more information, please visit

Telescent Inc. is committed to the development and deployment of optical layer automation systems to ensure maximum signal integrity for next-generation data center automation. By virtualizing the physical optical interconnection, the last remaining layer of a manually operated network, software-defined networking (SDN) can achieve the promise of true layer 7 to layer 0 automation across the entire OSI stack. For more information about Telescent, including project updates, please visit

Media Enquiries Leslie Reid Vice President of Marketing, MOX

Media Enquiries Leslie Reid Vice President of Marketing, MOX